Evasi0n (Mac) helps you to jailbreak your iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS

Step one

First, be sure your iPhone is on iOS 6.0 to iOS 6.1.2. in case you have important information on it, use a backup following these instructions. If you need to re-restore, firmware downloads links, which you can find here, can be useful.

Step two

Go to your desktop and  create a folder. To find easier rename it as Pwnage. There you can download the EvasiOn utility. The links to download  EvasiOn are here.

Step three

To download the information, double clik the EvasiOn dmg file, which you can find in the Pwnage file, so that you move to your desktop.evasion

Step four

Move the EvasiOn app. First, go to the monted dmg and drag it to your folder you created on your desktop.

Step five

Go to the EvasiOn app icon and right click. As an anternative, you can use Control+Click. You need this to select Open from the menu for the app launching. If it is confirmed,  go to the Open button once more.

Step six

Be sure you have connected your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Step seven

Get rid of the passcodes from your screen. After doing this, click Jailbreak button.

Step eight

Download the EvasionCydia.deb file from here.

The application is recovering the information it needs from your computer to engender jailbreak data, inject stage 1 jailbreak data. Then, will reboot the device, but meanwhile  wait for it to be ready for this operation. Then, inject stage 2 jailbreak data. Then, you’ll have to deal with Cydia, which will be uploaded, and after that the same thing will happen to Cydia packages list.

Step nine

Be ready to unlock your device and click the new jailbreak app icon. Be careful to tap the icon once.

Step ten

EvasiOn will inject the remount payload, remount the root filesystem and it will prepare the final jailbreak data. Will inject the final jailbreak data and it’s complete.

Step eleven

Your device restarts with Cyndia installed on SpringBoard.

Source icydiablog.com and redmondpie.com

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Anemo quick reply to a message from a notification banner

Like a friend of mine said “Tweaks make life easier” and he is right. Not everybody can think of anything when designing something, but instead we can make it better doing some little tweaking. Jailbreaking and installing cydia made life easier for most users who had and have an iDevice.


Depending on their needs they will also download cydia apps.

If you have a favorite cydia developer team and they are the ones who created Auxo and Luna then you will be pleased to hear that Sentry comes with a new tweak that you can make quick reply’s right from the notification banner.


This tweak places a Quick reply button in the right side of the banner. This way where you are you can reply instantly to any message right from there. So no more leaving the application to reply to a message. Anemo works right away, so no need to tinker some settings after installation. After tapping the Quick reply button the banner will expand to accommodate a message. Type in your message and send it right away.

Sadly this tweak it is not release yet. Since this is in the beta stage, this is more like a preview of what is to come. Considering the interest in this tweak has grown from my point it won’t be long since we will see in cydia store this wonderful tweak.

Two tweaks that you may have them in your fav list


This is the most likely reason why I’m expecting jailbreaking my iPhone 5. Auxo looked great on the Apple iPhone 4S, yet it is among the initial tweaks that was in fact made along with the iPhone 5’s bigger screen in thoughts.


Its recent update included components like VIP applications, new toggles, and native Activator gesture assistance. Put it in this manner, I’ve tested hundreds after hundreds of tweaks over times, yet this is just one of the few that truly stands heads-and-shoulders above the rest. An outright have to have, specifically for the iPhone 5’s bigger screen. Likewise, keep an eye out for an iPad version that will appear soon.


This is perhaps the only app that is designed to make the top of the list of jailbreak apps because it brings what every iDevice lacks of. If you recognize the well know Finder on the Mac, or Windows Explorer on Windows, then you virtually know exactly what to expect along with iFile. iFile enables you to discover, produce, and modify at will, everything within iOS origin file framework. It’s a very highly effective app that’s basically a staple for any kind of very long time jailbreaker.


iFile also enables you to install plans without having to understand terminal commands. You can alter plist files, and transfer files by means of an internet waitress or via Bluetooth. If there’s absolutely one tweak that I might not under any kind of scenarios live without, it would absolutely be iFile.

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FullForce, or How to improve google maps on iPad

Google Maps was released a couple of days back in the Apple AppStore and it currently topped in the App Store within a couple of hours. Although it runs on iPad nicely, it was made particularly for iPhone and iPod individuals. Google Maps needed to be zoomed 2x on iPad fact that is currently impacting the user experience, especially since the 2x zoom is affecting the quality. For those of you that really hate that and want to improve the Google Maps experience on the iPad, you need not to wait until a variant of the app is available for your device. You can simply use a well known Cydia tweak, FullForce.


FullForce is a free jailbreak tweak, developed by Petrich which allows users to run iPhone apps in full-screen mode on their jailbroken iPad. It stops the 2x zoom by scaling Google Maps to fit normally on iPad screen without distortion and it operates faultlessly neglecting several of its features developed as the app it is emulating for iPhone and iPod such as the sidebar icons.

Hopefully Google will certainly quickly launch an iPad variation of Google Maps but till then this tweak could completely take the area. You could download FullForce from BigBoss repo for free.

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Browse a particular webpage within Spotlight with WebSpot

Although the Spotlight search location in Apple iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch devices can be found in helpful on an amount of events, there is a substantial portion of customers that identify it ineffective as well as a waste of the iOS Springboard room. If you are among those individuals, there is a lot of substance you could do to the Spotlight to change it to your taste, making use of Cydia tweaks like Fbspot as well as CommandSpot.

Nonetheless, you will certainly discover that the Cydia store even has some tweaks which change the Spotlight absolutely, as well as right now yet another such tweak has actually been increased the jailbreak outlet. WebSpot permits its individuals pin any type of web page or net application to the Spotlight search spot, taking out the Spotlight entirely.

WebSpot is obtainable in the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store, as well as you can easily download it free of cost.

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Easy to arrange tweak with AlwaysArrange

Arranging icon, whether it is on your desktop computer or smartphone, is a difficult task. On a jailbroken iDevice, there are some package deals readily available at the Cydia sotre that automates specific procedures. Normally, to re-arrange symbols on the home screen or should I say Springboard, you need to long-press the icon till it enters shake method then position it at the wanted area. Nonetheless, a brand-new Cydia tweak that passes the name of AlwaysArrange allows you organize and also shift symbols without having the requirement to make them shake.

When you install the tweak, no added symbols would certainly show up on the home screen however it does feature a customization panel that’s found in the Settings application on the device. The tweak could be toggled on or off via the Settings and also there’s even a possibility to stipulate the moment structure for an icon to be unselected just before the user determines to relocate it. There is a slider in the settings that has a range from 0.1 to 1.0. This is utilized to stipulate the moment in seconds that the icon is held down for.

If you set up the timeframe near to 0, you may relocate any sort of application icon within a second. While if you would like to somewhat put off the moment just before the application can easily be shifted, you should include it to a much higher variety. Because the regular means will not let you to get in edit/wiggle method, dragging any kind of app icon in to the status bar will certainly position the device in to wiggle method rather.

Though it does not deliver everything astonishing to come under the vital tweak listing, it is really practical. The greatest point is that it comes free of charge. You can easily locate it in the prominent ModMyi repo and also there are no certain iOS demands discussed for it.

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Jailbreaker’s Choice: top four free tweaks roundup

1. Activator

Ryan Petrich’s traditional tweak was first on more than fifty percent of the votes we received. Activator could be both simple and highly effective, being dependent on how you utilize it. For some, it’s a basic basis that many additional tweaks call for as a dependency. For others, it’s a needed tool for blocking out activities and application launching. Best of all, it’s extendable to an assortment of applications as well as add-ons, and also no iDevice is complete without Activator set up. For more advanced utilization, I propose you experiment the Activator Menus component inside Activator’s settings pane.

2. SBSettings

This well-liked quick toggle tool is typically cited as the major explanation to jailbreak. Before SBSettings, changing component configurations, like enabling or disable Bluetooth, Airplane mode, or 3G, was difficult and time intensive. SBSettings was a groundbreaking improvement. On top of that, SBSettings is theme-able as well as supports 3rd function toggles from Cydia. Several jailbreak tweaks feature a SBSettings Toggle, including PDANet, Media Center Controls, as well as Internet browser Changer. Back when we requested for your leading five beloved paid tweaks, a bulk of readers voted for SBSettings, just simply because the functions is better than numerous paid tweaks.

3. NCSettings

If you like toggles but loathe SBSettings, NCSettings is the apparent alternative. This tweak includes in to Notification Hub, so it’s iOS 5 + only. The toggles are clean, very easy on the eyes, and also nicely organized into a solitary line. I discover it to be less website hungry than SBSettings. As an incentive, unlike SBSettings, NCSettings does not call for a background daemon to be frequently running. On the downside, it’s not theme-able as well as there’s no way to add extra toggles for your additional tweaks. Lately, I’ve vacated SBSettings for this fantastic cost-free Notice Hub widget.

4. PasswordPilot

Never before has a tweak enhanced the App Store encounter as PasswordPilot does. Hate needing to constantly input your iTunes password every time you download and install an app? PasswordPilot immediately places your security password into the popup carton, and also all you need to do is touch OK. Even when I testify off jailbreak tweaks and also uninstall anything, I constantly cave and also re-install PasswordPilot. It’s a tiny wonder that so many of you adore this one.

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